The first records of sliding barn doors date back to Roman times around two thousand years ago. We’ve taken on the mantle of this timeless classic to save you space and add light with classic, built to last designs.

Whatever your sliding barn door needs, you’ve come to a place where quality meets tradition and where charm meets strength. Read on to get inspired by the types of sliding barn doors which could transform your property.

Track for sliding barn doors

Sliding Barn Door Room Dividers

One key advantage of sliding barn doors is that they take up less space than the swing-type variety. Your home could benefit with sliding door track systems. Here are some ideas of how and where to install them:

● Create two areas in one bedroom to give children their own separate spaces
● Use them to shut away the clutter of a laundry room
● Instantly add more space to small cramped bathrooms
● Bring the outdoors inside with sliding glass doors in your sunroom
● Use tempered glass to show off dining areas, bathrooms and office spaces

Sliding Shop Doors

Shops are ideal places for these eternal space savers. You want your customers to enjoy browsing through the range of products you are proud to offer. That means you don’t want them to see piles of half-open or unpacked goods.

Keep up a tidy, professional appearance in your store with smart, sliding door hardware. Sliding doors make great industrial room dividers too.

Sliding Garage Doors

Fine and elegant sliding garage doors will add curb appeal to your property. They’re also ideal in agricultural commercial spaces as they maximize height accessibility. You can achieve this with one large paneled door or a pair of bi-parting sliding doors.

These types of doors can reduce your energy costs because you may not need to open them fully every time you need access. They’re also less noisy and easier to maintain than other door varieties.

Sliding Doors in Restaurants

These days people don’t just want great food, they want a dining experience. That means you’ll need to provide them with a unique and inviting space with a taste of luxury.

Sliding glass doors can give an open-air feel. Your business will also benefit from these advantages:

● Greater aesthetic appeal
● More light and better air-flow
● Better energy efficiency
● Greater flexibility in the ways you can lay out your furnishings

Sliding Doors at Home or in the Office

Sliding doors can immediately add privacy. Use them to create a space to work in your home. Many of us now have huge TV screens with unsightly wires. Sliding doors and sliding door tracks can hide these when they’re not in use.

These doors can give your home a fresh new makeover and simply screen off areas that are better left unseen.

Choose from Sliding Carriage Doors to Room Dividers

We’ve over a hundred years of experience in creating these quality, hardware masterpieces.

We’re here to give you a window of opportunity so that you can open a new door for a better future. Get in touch or shop now to discuss all your sliding door needs.