Are you looking for ways to increase the appeal of your home? Have you considered installing a door made of tempered glass? Incorporating a tempered glass sliding door enhances the architectural design and functionality of your home. In the content below, we discuss the best places to install tempered glass, define the necessary components and explore how to attach tempered glass to your sliding door hardware.

Where to Install Your Tempered Glass Sliding Door

Sliding barn doors are advantageous due to their multiple applications! With space conservation and easy partitioning, you can install this type of door nearly anywhere. Below, we discuss five popular places to attach and install tempered glass sliding barn doors.


A sliding door of tempered glass serves as a creative way to conceal the items in your pantry while enhancing the overall design of your kitchen. Additionally, when your hands are messy from baking or too full of groceries, you no longer need to worry about doorknobs. The simple sliding of the door allows you to access your pantry with greater ease.


Sometimes, traditional hinged doors take up too much space within the layout of your home. Therefore, instantly save space with the installation of tempered glass sliding barn doors to your closets. Whether you need a new door for your linen closet, wardrobe or storage room, sliding doors work seamlessly for every application.

Formal Dining Room

How often do you eat in your formal dining room? If you reserve formal dining room meals for holidays and when guests arrive, consider separating the area with a sliding barn door. Doing so allows you to both showcase your formal area when desired and close off the room when not in use.


Though envisioning a glass bathroom door often appears intrusive, attaching tempered glass sliding door hardware to your bathroom not only adds value to your home but also saves space. Additionally, when deciding on a glass door model, select a frosted or etched design to maintain the utmost privacy. In most cases, a tempered glass sliding door works exceptionally well as a shower door. If you decide on using glass for your bathroom barn door, be aware of the glass available for use. There are two types of glass options available for shower doors – laminated and tempered. Both are crafted from safety glazing materials.


Working from home doesn’t have to be full of distractions. Installing tempered glass sliding doors to your home office allows the privacy needed for client meetings and phone calls while providing access to other parts of your home.

Tempered Glass Sliding Door Hardware Components

The process behind attaching tempered glass to sliding door tracks depends entirely on the type of door used. Below, we discuss both exposed and concealed interior barn door applications in addition to the remaining necessary sliding door hardware.

Exposed Barn Door Hardware

Are you looking to draw attention to the track hardware, or do you want something that contributes to the larger design landscape? Exposed sliding barn doors serve as the most common and easiest to install barn door application. As the name implies, exposed hardware means that the entire design remains out in the open.

Concealed Barn Door Hardware

Concealed barn door hardware is minimally intrusive to your original home design. For example, a concealed barn door option could be a pocket door. Pocket doors have all their hardware contained in the header above the door opening, and the doors are slid into the wall.

Bars, Rollers, Stops, Mounts and Floor Guides


Bars are the horizontal pieces of metal track that the rollers glide on, opening and closing your barn door. There are two bar variations: flat and tubular. Flat bars are simply a flat piece of metal while tubular bars are tube piping. Both require special rollers that work specifically with that bar system.


Rollers supply the movement of your door. Their absolute function is to operate the opening and closing of your door along the bar track thousands of times.


These hardware components are small metal and rubber mounts that attach to either end of the bar. Stops are set in place by the installer and stop your door from rolling off the side of the bar whilst closing or opening. Calibrated and installed in a specific area, stops guide your door to close in the perfect position and open to a certain spot.


Mounts affix the bar to the header above the door. There are multiple mounts in a sliding door hardware kit and come attached to the bar through pre-drilled holes.

Floor Guides

Floor guides are small, simply ensuring the door moves straight from left to right. Floor guides are rarely noticed but play a huge part in the function of a barn door. They also prohibit the door from rotating off the bar.

Barn Door Handles

Like other hardware components and kits, handles and pulls are available in countless options. Firstly, a pull is a little metal stud or a hole through the door. A handle is a protruding element to help you pull and push the door to any desired position.

Attaching Tempered Glass to Sliding Door Hardware

Essentially, a tempered glass sliding door is the same as a traditional sliding door, but with a steel frame and glass inserts. Therefore, installing the tempered glass and frame to sliding door hardware works just as you would install any other interior sliding door.

The simplest way to correctly attach your tempered glass door to its appropriate hardware is by referring to your instruction manual. Despite often being overlooked, reading the entire manual helps you best understand your equipment. With diagrams, images and step-by-step instruction guidelines, a manual helps smooth your installation process. Additionally, it provides extra information concerning the hardware kit’s warranty and who to contact in the event an issue arises. Even after the successful assembly and installation of your sliding door and hardware, refrain from throwing away the manual. You never know when you may need it!

RW Hardware: The High-Quality Supplier for Your Sliding Door Hardware Needs

Regardless of your hardware applications, implementing high-quality hardware products for your sliding door application results in increased durability and longevity. Products with a strong warranty that are tested by a reputable manufacturer often outlast in-house fabrications with light-weight solutions. There is no substitute for high-quality, heavy-duty hardware. At RW Hardware, we manufacture every necessary component for your heavy-duty hardware needs. To request the help of our experts or simply learn more about the various hardware kits we offer, contact us today!