Sliding door systems have been around for well over a hundred years. The earliest applications for sliding doors were on barns and stables. Later, when the automobile was invented, people started using sliding doors for their garage door. Beyond barns, stables, and garage doors, sliding door systems have evolved and changed over the years.

Today, many homeowners are discovering new and creative ways to utilize sliding doors and the associated track door hardware in numerous areas around their homes. One of the main benefits of a sliding door is it takes up less space than traditional swing-type doors and provides flexibility, especially when working with space constrictions.

If you are looking to give your home a makeover or simply desire a change in the décor, use these sliding door design ideas for inspiration:

Concealing a Home Entertainment System

With many people mounting their ginormous flat panel TVs on the wall, you can eliminate the traditional floor entertainment system by building shelving into the walls. Install a sliding door track system and doors to hide the equipment when it is not being used.

Divided Bedrooms

If you have children and limited bedroom space, where two of your children are sharing a room, you can easily section the room and divide it into specific areas for each child with moveable wall-sliding doors.

Laundry Room/Utility Room Door

In some homes, the opening to the laundry room/utility room does not have a door to conceal ‘laundry in progress’. Installing a sliding door is a great way to camouflage the working mess.

sliding doors

Bathroom Doors

If you have small bathrooms and want more space, replace the existing door with a sliding door.

Living Rooms

You can create privacy for the living room by adding a sliding door, like in cases where you stay up later and want to prevent noise from being carried to other areas of the home.

Convertible Sun Rooms/Outdoor Patios

You can convert your sun room into an open-air patio by using a sliding door track system. During the warmer months, you slide the doors open and out of the way to enjoy fresh air. In the colder fall and winter months, you simply pull the doors shut and secure them.

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