All prices and terms printed herein supersede all previous prices and terms and are subject to change without notice. These prices
are F.O.B. shipping point, exclude freight, and are subject to a surcharge for packaging, state sales, or consumer taxes as required. 


Richards-Wilcox will ship via either:

A.) UPS, F.O.B. point of origin if applicable. Actual shipping costs will be prepaid and added to the sales order invoice, OR

B.) Non-UPS Carrier through Richards-Wilcox PRIME Carrier; actual shipping costs will be prepaid and added to the sales order invoice, F.O.B. point of origin OR if the customer elects to use a different carrier, the freight bill will be sent via third party billing or Collect, F.O.B. point of origin.
Customer routed shipments and pick-ups must be picked up from Richards-Wilcox within 48 hours of notification that the shipment is ready or Richards-Wilcox will ship prepaid and add.

Damage in Transit

All packing is in accordance with carrier requirements. For your protection, before accepting any shipment, examine it carefully. If there is evidence of damage or a shortage, insist that the delivering carrier make a suitable notation to that effect on the freight bill before you sign it. If, after receipt of shipment, concealed damage is discovered, immediately notify the delivering carrier, requesting an immediate inspection. The inspection report should be used to support your claim against the carrier. Any claim for damage or shortage must be filed by you with the delivering carrier. Richards-Wilcox will not accept the return of merchandise damaged in transit. Your recourse is with the delivering carrier. Freight claim filing is the responsibility of the consignee and not Richards-Wilcox.
Caution: When you give the delivering carrier a clear receipt for a shipment in which there is damaged merchandise or a shortage, the carrier is relieved of further responsibility.

Return Policy

Requests in writing for RGA must be made to the Richards-Wilcox Customer Support Department within 21 days of the material shipments from Richards-Wilcox. Richards-Wilcox will determine the eligibility to return any material and will notify the requestor within 5 days upon receipt of a written request. Richards-Wilcox will also instruct the requestor to return the material to Richards-Wilcox or dispose of such before the issuance of the appropriate credit. Special Items and items not manufactured by Richards-Wilcox (purchased) will not be eligible for return. Any material returned to Richards-Wilcox or disposed of without proper authorization by Richards-Wilcox will be refused and no credit will be issued. Return goods must be shipped freight prepaid at the requestor’s expense within 15 days of receipt of written authorization. The requestor must determine the carrier. All material returned must be received in original packaging. Credit will be given on returned material only after receipt and inspection by Richards-Wilcox. The RGA form must accompany all returned material. Credit for authorized returns is subject to a 25% restocking charge on the net acceptable material value. Any Richards-Wilcox “non-stock” items may not be returned.

Order Change/ Cancellation

Orders or line items may not be changed five (5) or fewer working days prior to the acknowledged ship date of the order. When the Purchaser cancels or changes an order or line item that is a special (see Special Items), the Purchaser shall bear the responsibility of compensating Richards-Wilcox for production time and material up to the time of the
change. Order changes (add or reductions) in quantities could invalidate the “Quick Ship” program benefits.

Special Items

Special design items are not subject to return for credit nor may said products be changed or canceled once in production.

Call customer service at 800-253-5668 for assistance.