For over a decade, the company has actively pursued a policy of sustainability and environmental sensitivity. Long before the formation of the US Green Building movement, RW Hardware participated in conservation programs and has a history of protecting the environment in both manufacturing operations and our general facilities.


RW Hardware products are by nature environmentally friendly. These products contain high levels of recycled and recyclable material. Steel used in the manufacturing of RW Hardware products contains 40% recycled content from post-consumer and post-industrial sources.

Limited lifetime product warranties confirm the company’s pledge to manufacture long-lasting products of premium quality. Product packaging employs bulk pack techniques to minimize the use of corrugated and wood supports. All corrugated material includes 20% recycled content. Corrugated and wood supports used for shipping are recycled, and can be removed from job site to a recycling facility.


RW Hardware products metal surfaces are covered with a polyester powder coat, Gloss-Tek™, that is heated and fused on the material’s surface. Since the powder is inert and not carried in a volatile solvent, harmful vapors are not released into the atmosphere. This powder coat is 100% non-emissive, contains no formaldehyde, methanol, or other solvents – completely friendly to artifacts, specimens, and documents.

Additionally, any powder that does not adhere to the product upon application is recycled and used again. No volatile organic by-products are released when baking. No hazardous waste is generated in manufacturing application or clean-up. Maintenance of our products requires no harmful chemicals, simply with a damp cloth.


RW Hardware environmental practices are integrated into all aspects of manufacturing. Over a decade ago, the company was one of the first manufacturers in the storage and filing industry to convert to a non-emissive coating process. There are no ozone-depleting substances used in the manufacture of our products. A closed loop cooling water system re-circulates and conserves water resources. Our operation does not contaminate storm water or release contaminants into the ground water. When new products are proposed, the environmental effects of new machinery are first considered to ensure they are in keeping with our commitment to the environment.


All scrap steel is recycled, reducing waste. This also diminishes the requirement for smelting of new materials, further reducing demands on the environment. Our recycling program includes all scrap steel, corrugated, and wood material. A company-wide recycling program insures that employees are sensitive to environmental concerns, appropriately disposing of scrap paper and recyclables.