We partner well with architects for any endeavor, accurately accounting for weight distribution, mounting, and support mechanisms – our hardware supports doors 200 – 5,000 lbs heavy, 7-24 ft high, and 50 ft wide. RW’s heavier gauge of steel means better longevity, industrial strength, and superior quality, perfect for niche applications across a wide swing of commercial, residential, and industrial properties and industries.

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Whether you’re devising sliding and swinging doors to stage a theatrical production, partition a classroom or convention center, or adapt a factory into an art museum with movable track exhibits, RW has the versatile craftsmanship to complement your design.

Our artisanal array of Specialty Door Hardware Includes:

  • Heavy Duty Sliding Door Components
  • Sliding Door Hardware Kits
  • Slide-Fold Hardware Kits
  • Standard Strap Hinges
  • Industrial Strap Hinges
  • Heavy Duty & Extra Heavy Duty Cremone Bolts
  • Bolts, Latches
  • Miscellaneous Components