RW is a business with range – we began as a manufacturer of hardware for farms, barns, and stables 140 years ago. Our product has held strong ever since. With a full 10-year warranty (the best in the industry), our hardware supports barn and stable doors from 200 – 5,000 lbs. We consult directly with you to ensure we exceed your needs – we’ve even revived antique decorative hinge and flat track designs to achieve the rustic workmanship our customers admire. Whatever the size of your homestead, RW will design a safe, secure, and simple solution.

equine 1
equine 2
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We are proud to supply:

  • High-Quality Equine Hardware
  • Sliding Barn Door Track Systems
  • Barn Door Sliding Hardware
  • Flat Track & Antique Hinge Designs

Accessories include

  • Door & Floor Stops
  • Bumper Shoes
  • Hinges for Swing, Dutch, & Wicket Doors
  • Latches & Pulls
  • Cremone Bolts
  • Cane Bolts