With a safe, clean operation and massive weight capacity, our sliding barn door hardware is the durable, dependable choice for any modern application.

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How to Specify Sliding Barn Door Hardware & Systems

Whether you are looking for interior or exterior sliding door hardware, or heavy-duty barn door hardware, there are special factors to keep in mind:

  • Type of track
  • Weight capacity and length required
  • Hardware hangers
  • Style of mounting brackets
  • Centering distance for mounting the brackets

Hardware System Components

Sliding Door Hardware includes the following components:

  • Track
  • Mounting bracket
  • End blinds
  • Pair hangers
  • Flush pull
  • Bow handle
  • Bumper shoes
  • Guide roller strip
  • End stops
  • Stay rollers

Track Weights

Enclosed track hardware comes in many weight capacities to handle a variety of doors, from lightweight fiberglass to even the heaviest of steel:

  • Light duty (up to 400 lbs.)
  • Medium duty (400– 1000 lbs.)
  • Heavy duty applications (anything over 1000 lbs.)

Flat track systems and hardware are offered in capacities from 250 to 800 lbs., but typically not in higher capacities.

sliding barn door box track with track canopy

Protective Track Canopy

Track hardware can be enclosed in a metal structure called a canopy to conceal or further protect the track from the elements.

Sizing Track to Door Opening

Track comes in various lengths, but standard lengths are typically 6’, 8’, 10’. Sections of the track door hardware can be welded together or joined with joint brackets to make the required length.

How Much Track Do I Specify When Selecting Track Hardware?

When sizing track for the opening, there should be enough track to hold the door in the open position without obstructing the opening.

Example: A 10’ wide opening with a 10’ door requires 20’ of track, so that when the door is opened to one side, it fully clears the opening.

What About for Bi-Parting Doors?

In the case of bi-parting doors, the same 10’ opening with two 5’ wide doors requires 20’ of track. However, the track sections are joined in the center with a Center Stop Bracket, preventing either door leaf from traveling beyond the halfway point.

Protective Track Canopy

Track hardware can be enclosed in a wood or metal structure called a canopy to conceal or further protect the track from the elements.

Track Capacity Based on Door Weight

Track capacity is based on the weight of the doors, regardless of whether the application is for a single door or bi-parting doors. When determining the capacity for bi-parting doors, consider the weight of one door leaf, not the aggregated weight of both doors.

Example 1: Single Sliding Door

One 600-lb. single sliding door would use a 600-lb. track system with support brackets spaced 24” on center and a pair of hangers for the door (two hangers).

Single Sliding Door

Example 2: Bi-Parting Doors

A single track door system with two 600-lb. door leaves, one door sliding left, one door sliding right (bi-parting) would also use a 600-lb. track, not a 1200-lb. track system. Each door leaf weighs 600 lbs., and each door leaf would have a pair of hangers (four hangers in total for the system) and support brackets spaced 24” on center.

Bi-Parting Doors