Specialty Door Hardware – The Basics

Unique applications and “industrial strength” materials are what distinguish specialty door hardware from standard door hardware. Two elements are significant for specialty hardware products:

The ability to hold heavier door weight capacities (doors weighing from 200 lbs. to 5,000 lbs.)

The ability to contain larger sized doors (7’ – 24’ tall or higher and 50’ wide or wider).

Specialty door hardware products are fabricated from a heavier gauge of steel for better product quality and longevity. Tighter tolerances are standard, and the finish for both interior and exterior applications is thicker and able to withstand harsh environments.

When your commercial space or manufacturing facility needs durability and strength, you want to ensure that your doors are constructed using the best materials and hardware to withstand the test of time giving you years of trouble free service. From sliding door applications for building partitioning to swinging door hardware for a large format commercial entry door, RW Hardware has the solution that will work best.

Take a look through the product pages on our website to get details on various hardware setups, and inspiration for your architectural project. Call us with your design requirements, and we’ll help specify exactly what you need for any specialty door, and advise on installation.