Heavy-duty doors cater to various industry needs. From architectural to equine markets, installing a door comes with multiple considerations. Below, we discuss how to select the right hardware for your heavy-duty door by addressing four industrial markets: frame building; architectural; barns, stables and equine; and zoos and aquariums.

Frame Building

Frame buildings generalize any building structure spanning a large space. These could include churches, retail stores, industrial garages, restaurants, and even airport hangars.

 The Need for Heavy-Duty Frame Building Doors

With a large door span, the weight of your door drastically increases. Therefore, using standard hardware sets could be detrimental to the daily use of your doors. Especially for doors operated by sliding tracks, the installation of heavy-duty hardware maintains the longevity of the overall application.

Heavy-Duty Hardware

If considering an upgrade to your current track door hardware, you have a variety of specialty, heavy-duty applications to select from that ensure easy door access, efficient security and effective safety. Below, we discuss three of the many heavy-duty hardware options available.

1,000lb Capacity

Selecting a box track door hardware kit within a 1,000lb capacity is entirely dependent on your desired opening length and if your box track door consisted of a single or pair of doors. For example, if your door opening length extended to seven feet as a single sliding door, then we would recommend the purchase and installation of our Series 1649 kit.

 1,500lb Capacity

If you have yet to consider if your box track door consisted of a single or set of doors, browse our wide selection of heavy-duty hardware kits with a capacity of up to 1,500lbs. Additionally, we offer hangar assembly kits with the same weight capacity. 

2,500lb Capacity

Heavy-duty industry needs call for heavy-duty hardware. With numerous selections within our Series 1651 and Series 2651 hardware kits, you can easily determine which model best suits your door hardware needs.


Though similar to frame buildings, architectural doors impact a smaller area. This could include sliding and swinging doors to stage a theatrical production, partitions for a classroom or convention center or even modifying a factory into an art museum with movable track exhibits.

 The Need for Heavy-Duty Architectural Doors

Architectural designs require heavy-duty strength, especially when built to endure intensive weather and years of use. Using heavy-duty hardware with powerful steel gauges can help extend the longevity of your door while complementing the existing design.

Heavy-Duty Hardware

Just as hardware components depend on the weight capacity needed for frame building doors, architectural door hardware varies based on the door’s weight and purpose. Therefore, we discuss below hardware components best suited for architectural doors that operate with flat track hardware.

250-400lb Weight Capacity

With a great majority of flat track doors ranging within this weight capacity, you have the most hardware options available. Series 105 hardware kits include your necessary components to promote the safety and efficiency of your heavy-duty flat track doors.

800lb Weight Capacity

If utilizing a flat track for your architectural door, the standard weight capacity rests at 800lbs. Additionally, you can choose from a variety of miscellaneous heavy-duty hardware ranging from door pulls to latches and hasps.

Barns, Stables and Equine

Barns, stables and equine facilities alike offer various purposes dependent on their commercial or private intent. Whether your have a two-horse barn as part of your family property, or run a commercial stable, your barn doors lose their longevity without the proper hardware.

The Need for Heavy-Duty Stable Doors

Safe, secure and trustworthy barn and stable doors are crucial regardless of the size of your homestead. If you currently have, or plan to install large doors of up to 1,000lbs., heavy-duty box track hardware is required to ensure safe and efficient use.

Heavy-Duty Hardware

Before selecting hardware, consider first your barn door type. Are your doors swinging or sliding? Are the doors interior or exterior?

 Latches and Hasps

Regardless of the door type covering your barn or stable, you will need heavy-duty hardware for any especially thick or heavy door. In addition to an offset stall door latch for large swinging or sliding doors, consider installing a heavy hasp. Made of malleable iron, this product doubles as a combination door bumper and binder to suit your heavy-duty needs.

Zoos and Aquariums

The key to zoos and aquariums is preserving the well-being of animals, zookeepers and zoogoers alike. Therefore, creating heavy-duty hardware applications must cater to outdoor exhibits, paddocks, animal containment areas, crowding doors and gates, and even quarantine centers.

The Need for Heavy-Duty Zoo and Aquarium Doors

As these industries work with wild animals, zoos and aquariums must be built with durable hardware. Safety and security are paramount. Dedicated to effectively managing the well-being of the animals, caretakers must also maintain a safe environment. Therefore, utilizing heavy-duty box track hardware provides an additional layer of quality and strength to containment doors as they must be durable and tamper-proof.

Design teams, such as zoo staff, contractors and architects, can collaborate to create well-planned exhibits. Incorporating heavy-duty box track hardware, security and accessibility can define these exhibitions. Furthermore, door and gate hardware must be especially safe, careful to eliminate all sharp edges that could potentially harm the animals or caretakers. Additionally, zoo and aquarium doors must have zero ability for animals to manipulate hardware or forcibly open containment doors.

Heavy-Duty Hardware

With optimal safety and efficiency in mind, selecting the right hardware for your heavy-duty zoo and aquarium doors is imperative. Below, we provide two of our many crank box, door actuators and pulley hardware kits suitable for heavy-duty zoo and aquarium doors.

Crank Operator Hardware Package Kit

If you currently own or plan to purchase either a vertical or horizontal crank operator, this crank operator hardware kit is a necessity. Included is the connecting kit and enough chain for 4 feet of travel. If you need extra length, you can buy additional chain sold separately.

Handle Package for Remote Operation of Vertical Lift Door

If your current zoo or aquarium utilizes vertical lift doors, consider installing a handle package for optimal remote operation. This kit includes an ergonomically designed black rubber handle, rope pull and wall tube package.

Heavy-Duty Hardware Solutions with RW Hardware

When it comes to door hardware components such as sliding door hardware, remote crank operators, hinges, gates, fencing, and other materials that go into your heavy-duty door, quality is the greatest priority. Products with a strong warranty that are tested by a reputable manufacturer will often outlast in-house fabrications with light-weight solutions. There is no substitute for high-quality, heavy-duty hardware. At RW Hardware, we manufacture every necessary component for any of your heavy-duty hardware preferences and needs. To request the help of our experts or if you would like to know more about the various hardware kits we offer, contact us today!