Garage doors are items that not only keep our precious cars and other things locked in a safe space but are also a part of our homes.

When picking your garage door, the proper hardware is crucial. However, that does not mean you should go for anything that’s anything but stylish.

On the contrary, there are stylish garage doors with heavy-duty strap hinges, thick gauges, and speak to taste and heritage. They boast great versatility in both function and form because they can be of any material, wood or metal, any size, while also incredibly decorative.

There are two main types of garage doors: swinging doors and sliding doors. Here’s how swinging garage doors vs. sliding garage doors compare:

5 Advantages of Sliding Garage Doors

1. Swinging Doors

The authenticity of garage swinging doors is admirable.

They are not only versatile but are also a way of boosting your home’s overall look. Outswing garage doors can also accommodate large vehicles.

Carriage Garage Doors

These replicate doors on traditional carriage houses.

The houses had outward swinging doors which made people refer to them as doors with swinging door carriage style.

Swing carriage garage doors are made from wood with iron hinges. The hinges are fixed at the sides, making them swing outwards.

Sliding carriage doors have some creative woodwork, including large handles and special window inserts. Generally, the carriage door hardware is elegant and will add glamour to any home, either traditional or modern.

However, installing a sliding carriage door is not a walk in the park and requires a professional.

Other swinging door styles include:

– Swing-in doors

– Swing-out doors.

2. Sliding Garage Doors

As the name suggests, you can easily open and close sliding garage doors by applying a slight push. They are highly versatile, and you can choose to customize the materials used, hardware, color, or go for different arrangements.

Additionally, you can opt for woodwork decorations, decorative hinges, and even add windows on the door. Their advantages include ease of use, quiet mortar operation, among others.

Barn Door Style

Barn garage doors can be single or double door sets hung above the doorway and mounted on a sliding track.

They are of two types: manual and automatic and have a motor that only requires a slight push on the door to open. Maintenance is minimal, and when any repair is needed, they are easy and quick to fix.

Also, the sliding garage barn doors are easy to install, unlike the carriage door latch. Other styles include:

– Side-sliding garage doors

– Horizontal-sliding garage doors

– Vertical-sliding garage doors

Bottom Line

Investing in a good garage door is never a waste of money. Your security is guaranteed, and your home’s curb appeal will improve significantly!

However, the type of garage doors you choose depends on your preferred style, materials, and door design. If you still can’t decide, check out our comparison of sliding garage doors vs. traditional doors!