Your dream barn, stable, or equine facility can live up to its function while simultaneously securing the area and looking aesthetically cohesive. Installing new or replacing old doors will also include selecting the door latch hardware needed to live up to its intended utility.

With many stall door latches, offered in various sizes, models, and weight capacities, it may be hard to decide which one you should purchase for your application. You may wonder how to know which stall door latch offers the right functionality and longevity for you. Below, we discuss the best door latch and padlock sets suitable for both swinging and sliding stall doors.

Swinging Doors

Usually, traditional stall doors in barns and stables swing open and closed, as opposed to sliding doors that roll back and forth on a track. A swinging stall door requires a latch that prevents the door from accidentally opening, either due to an impatient animal or someone forgetting to check how securely it was shut. With this in mind, an offset stall latch may be most suitable for your barn or stable. An offset stall latch also prevents accidental opening by vibration. The latch’s simple, reversible design, fit for both left and right-sided doors, allows maximum utilization. As offset door latches are manufactured in various lengths, a multi-functional latch padlock staple is compatible to multiple sizes, allowing you to easily change only the latch.

Sliding Doors

The installation of sliding doors requires more hardware and equipment than swinging doors. With sliding door hardware kits that include door stops, hangars, rollers, and mounting brackets that need to be installed, you may not have even noticed the latches! Selecting simple but effective hardware like a black zinc-plated door latch will work effectively on doors 1-3/4”-2-3/4” thick. These latches also have an optional longer spindle for thicker doors. Its easy functionality only requires you to turn the flush handle on the far side to open and lift the handle on the rear side to close. To better suit your door, this latch also allows reversibility, so you can install on both left and right-hand doors.

Heavy Doors

Regardless of the door type covering your barn or stable, you will need heavy-duty hardware for any door that is especially thick or heavy. In addition to an offset stall door latch for large swinging or sliding doors, consider installing a heavy hasp. Made of malleable iron, this product doubles as a combination door bumper and binder to suit your heavy-duty needs.

RW Hardware: Stall Door Latches for Every Door

Manufacturing a high-quality stall door latch that ensures optimal functionality and longevity is our top priority. At RW Hardware, we provide all the necessary components for any of your stall door and latch preferences and needs. If you would like to know more about the hardware kits we offer, contact us today! We are here to guide you in selecting the right stall and barn door latches and answer any of your questions.