Have you recently installed a sliding barn door in your home, barn or shop? Are you curious as to how to securely lock your sliding barn door in place without utilizing a bulky chain and padlock application? In the content below, we discuss considerations behind securing your barn door lock and explore some sleek and helpful hardware kits designed to protect your doors without becoming an eye sore.

Consideration #1: Your Barn Door Application

Before scanning various sliding door hardware products and securing a barn door lock, consider its application. What purpose does this sliding barn door serve? Then, reflect on the below considerations.

Assess the room or building your barn door is used for (bathroom, bedroom, pantry, warehouse, garage, shed, or barn)

Determine how often the door is used and decide the level of functionality needed

Examine how easy of access one must have to enter or exit through the door (opening the door easily while holding equipment, accessible for children or in need of heavy-duty protection and security)

Discern how durable the locks need to be (does they need to withstand exterior elements or theft-deterring)

Consideration #2: Your Barn Door’s Model and Type

Regardless of if your sliding barn door is for residential, recreational or industrial intent, examine the type of sliding barn door you installed. To help you refine the necessary sliding barn door locks, answer the following questions below.

Do you have a single sliding door or bi-parting doors?

Is your door traditional or heavy-duty?

What material is the door made of? (wood, metal, glass, etc.)

What are the dimensions of your sliding barn door?

Is the door on a box track or a flat track?

After specifying your exact type of sliding barn door, you can then easily narrow down your hardware options that best fit your application.

Securing the Right Sliding Barn Door Lock Hardware

Oftentimes, people misunderstand that a single hardware kit is not universal for every sliding barn door application. You could require heavy-duty hardware, or simpler hardware because the sliding door serves as a bathroom or pantry door and needs to be accessible by anyone in the home.

As a result, we explore below two great barn door latch and padlock sets that cater to different locking applications and specifications.

Versatile Applications: Black Zinc-Plated Door Latch

Selecting simple but effective hardware like a black zinc-plated door latch will work effectively on doors 1-3/4”-2-3/4” thick. These latches also have an optional longer spindle for thicker doors. Its easy functionality only requires you to turn the flush handle on the far side to open and lift the handle on the rear side to close. To better suit your door, this latch also allows reversibility, so you can install on both left and right-hand doors. Additionally, you can customize the hardware finish to match your door and increase its aesthetic appeal.

Heavy-Duty Solution: Offset Stall Door Latch and Heavy Hasp

Regardless of the door type, you will need heavy-duty hardware for any door that is especially thick or heavy. In addition to an offset stall door latch for large sliding doors, consider installing a heavy hasp. Made of malleable iron, this product doubles as a combination door bumper and binder to suit your heavy-duty needs. Again, you have the option to customize the hardware finish from a selection of eight finishing options.

Securing Your Barn Door with RW Hardware

We understand the importance of securing your barn door with the proper hardware. That is why we offer various hardware products that cater to specific door and industry applications!

At RW Hardware, we provide all the necessary components for any of your stall door and latch preferences and needs. We are here to guide you in selecting the right stall door latches and answer any of your questions.

Manufacturing high-quality hardware kits for every door and hinged application does not have to be complicated. Therefore, our sophisticated welding techniques help ensure both optimal functionality and product longevity to keep your doors securely in place.

If you would like to know more about the hardware kits we offer, contact us today!