In today’s world of sleek, space-saving designs, sliding doors have rapidly become a favorite in both homes and businesses for their space-saving grace and sleek aesthetic. Unlike their swing-type counterparts, these modern marvels open up rooms without the need for extra clearance.

Sliding Door Track

However, the real magic of a sliding door lies in a component often overlooked: the sliding door track. At RW Hardware, we offer different robust and stylish sliding door tracks that not only enhance the visual allure of your space but also ensure smooth operation.

But with various options available, how do you decide which track is best suited for your specific needs? Read on as we explore the essential considerations for selecting the right sliding door track for your project.

Understanding Sliding Door Tracks

Sliding door tracks are hardware mechanisms that provide a guide and support system for sliding doors, allowing them to move smoothly back and forth. These tracks are mounted on the floor or overhead, and they hold rollers or glides attached to the door itself. RW sliding door hardware includes the following two types of sliding door tracks:

Sliding Door Box Tracks

The box track sliding door system is a time-tested design known for its durability and reliability. They are characterized by their enclosed, box-like structure.

This sliding door track is particularly suitable for heavy-duty applications, easily handling doors weighing over 1,000 lbs. Their exceptional stability and support make them ideal for heavier doors and high-traffic areas in commercial or industrial settings.

From an aesthetic appeal, box track systems “hide” the hardware more from sight, whereas our next example, highlights the hardware as part of the overall doorway design.

Sliding Door Flat Tracks

Sliding door flat tracks are characterized by their sleek, flat design. They are particularly popular for their aesthetic appeal and are often used in settings where the hardware is part of the design element, such as in rustic or barn-style doors. Flat track systems are ideal for both residential and commercial spaces, providing a smooth and quiet operation for sliding doors.

Flat track hardware systems are also great for shutters and cabinetry!

Weight Capacities: Catering to All Door Types

RW hardware and kits, including sliding door tracks, cater to a wide range of weight capacities, ensuring there’s a solution for every door, regardless of its heftiness. The sliding door hardware can accommodate these capacities:

● Light duty (up to 400 lbs.): You can find hardware ideal for lighter materials like fiberglass or thin wood, usually perfect for residential settings.

● Medium duty (400–1,000 lbs.): They are suited for more substantial doors, often used in commercial spaces.

● Heavy-duty applications (over 1,000 lbs.): These are the powerhouses designed for the heaviest of doors, typically steel, and are often seen in industrial environments.

However, you should keep in mind that flat track systems and their accompanying hardware are available only for weights ranging between 250 and 800 pounds.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Right Sliding Door Track

When deciding which sliding door track is the right fit for your project, consider the following:

Type of Door

Whether you have a single sliding door or bi-parting sliding doors, the choice of track will differ. A single sliding door, which operates along a single track, has different requirements compared to a bi-parting door, where two door panels meet in the middle and slide open in opposite directions.

Space Considerations

The amount of available space influences the type of track suitable for installation. For tighter areas, a flat track system might be more appropriate, as it requires less overhead space and can be more easily integrated into confined settings. Conversely, in larger areas where there is ample space, a box track might be preferable, especially for heavier doors or where robust durability is required.

Door Weight

The weight of the door dictates the type of track system required. For instance, heavier doors necessitate stronger, more durable tracks, like the sliding door box tracks, which are designed to support substantial weight while ensuring smooth operation. In contrast, lighter doors like those made of fiberglass can be accommodated by sliding door flat tracks, which are best suited for lighter weight applications.


The finish of the sliding door track is an important aspect to consider, as it significantly contributes to the overall aesthetic and durability of the installation. Track finishes range from sleek and modern stainless steel to rustic and traditional wrought iron, allowing for seamless integration into various design themes.

Moreover, the finish plays a vital role in the track’s resistance to wear, corrosion, and environmental factors. Choosing a finish that complements the style of your space and meets the functional requirements ensures that the sliding door system is both visually appealing and long-lasting.


When selecting a sliding door track, the style of the door plays a pivotal role. For instance, a pocket door with concealed hardware offers a sleek, clean look, requiring a track system that can be hidden within the wall or a specific installation to hide the mechanics.

Conversely, a rustic barn-style sliding door, where sliding barn door tracks and rollers are visible, calls for a track system like the flat track. This track hardware becomes a part of the room’s aesthetic. This style suits spaces where a more traditional, rustic charm is desired.

Hanger Styles

Hanger styles, including traditional, arrowhead, top mount, and horseshoe designs, are crucial factors to consider when selecting a sliding door track for your project. Each style offers a distinct aesthetic and functional difference, influencing both the appearance and the operation of the sliding door. Traditional and arrowhead styles often lend a classic or rustic look, suitable for spaces where the door hardware can become a focal point.

Top mount hangers are more discreet and ideal for modern or minimalist designs where hardware visibility is minimized. The horseshoe style, with its unique shape, adds a distinctive, often vintage charm to the setting. The choice of hanger style should align with the overall design theme and operational requirements of your space.

Get the Right Sliding Door Track from RW Hardware

Choosing the right sliding door track involves balancing functionality, style, and the specific needs of your space. Whether it’s a flat track system or heavy-duty sliding door track hardware like a box track sliding system, understanding the nuances of each type and their best applications will lead to a more satisfying and successful project. If you want to find the perfect fit for your door, consider working with our team of experts.

We will help you choose the right track that not only ensures smooth operation but also complements the aesthetic of your space. Explore our extensive collection of high-quality swinging and sliding door tracks, trucks, handles, latches, accessories, and much more at our online shop to find the perfect hardware for your project.