“Quality,” John Ruskin states, “is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort.” Ruskin was right; quality rarely just happens with hard work. Effort must be spent crafting something to stand the test of time, from architectural structures and barns to homes and aquariums.

Certain applications require heavy duty hardware, designed to endure inclement weather conditions, human interaction, and simply years upon years of use. Below, we explore specific applications when heavy duty box track hardware should be utilized to increase quality and longevity.

Zoos and Aquariums:

Zoos and aquariums must be built with durable hardware because safety is paramount in both environments. Securely managing animals and their well-being, while maintaining a safe environment for caretakers, is critical. Heavy duty box track hardware adds a layer of quality and strength to containment doors that must be durable and tamper-proof.

Design teams, such as zoo staff, contractors, and architects, can collaborate to create well-planned exhibits. Utilizing heavy duty box track hardware, security and accessibility can define these exhibitions. RW Hardware has secured installations at Brookfield Zoo, Cincinnati Zoo, Houston Zoo, Columbus Zoo, and more.

Architectural Design:

Architectural designs require heavy-duty strength, especially when built to endure intensive weather and years of use. A powerful box track can smoothly lift and slide barn doors, stage doors, classroom or convention partition, etc. Built with a heavy gauge of steel, powerful box track hardware is designed to both complement the existing design – and outlast the building.

Frame Building:

Box track doors can be extraordinarily advantageous to modern commercial construction. Especially for large properties, spanning a great deal of space, oversized sliding doors are sophisticated, powerful, and able to last longer. One specific structure that could benefit from box tracks are private dining or banquet spaces with a rustic feel.

Barns, Stables, and Equine:

Regardless of the size of your homestead, safe, secure, and trustworthy barn and stable doors are crucial. Large doors of up to 1,000 pounds require heavy duty box track hardware. Hardware companies such as RW Hardware have decorative tracks designed to complement the beauty of your homestead.


To receive quality veterinarian care, animals must be contained in safe structures. When sick or scared, animals can exhibit dangerous behavior. Thus, heavy duty box track doors can be

necessary to a safe, secure facility. Sick animals must be kept carefully contained for proper care; and veterinarians must be kept safe on the job. Furthermore, RW box track hardware prevents corrosion, able to withstand the routine sanitation necessary for animal hygiene.

RW Hardware:

RW Hardware is hinged on quality. Our box track hinges support from 500-2,000 pounds, up to 24 feet in height. When reframing is required, RW Hardware provides timeless craftmanship for all types of frame buildings. Our list above explores a few of our countless service applications. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us! We look forward to crafting a solution designed to endure the test of time.