Specialty door hardware, as its name implies, is a unique category of building products for sliding and swinging doors used by the architectural market for commercial, industrial and residential design. Read More
Specialized veterinary facilities for treatment of horses or large hoofed stock share many of the same considerations as zoo facilities.  The protection of veterinary staff from bodily harm while moving and treating large animals is of great importance. Read More
Zoo and aquarium exhibits must be conducive to animal well being and health, benefit zoo keepers by being easy to maintain, and present exciting learning experiences for the public. Zoo and Aquarium exhibits have special design considerations for protection of animals and keepers. Read More
Frame Building
Post & Frame Buildings are no longer being used strictly for barns, stables or industrial buildings, but are now bringing a higher level of sophistication and many advantages to commercial construction. Read More
Barns, Stables and Equine
Richards-Wilcox first began in business as a manufacturer of high quality hardware for farms, barns and stables.  The tradition of premium quality specialty hardware has continued with the brand for over 130 years. Read More
Historic Preservation
Since 1880, Richards-Wilcox has been manufacturing hardware and door accessories for use in historically significant buildings. Many of our products still feature the original designs that were introduced in the earliest hardware for barns, stables and garages. Read More